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Spare Parts

We have extensive spare parts and attachment local stock deliver spare parts Australia wide.

Attachments like rock breaker,tilting bucket,Tilting Hitch,shake bucket,360 grabber,360 hitch different sizes of auger in stock as well.Custom made attachments welcome.

We have direct access to parts for all MXG Machine, as well as accessories, attachments and safety equipment.

Call Us today on 03 8900 2987 or Email for a quote on Machine part or attachments.


All MXG Machines come with a free 1 Year or 1000 hours(which one comes first) Replacement Parts Warranty or Back To Factory Larbour and Parts Warranty.

If you have any issue with your machine outside of normal wear and tear items such as tracks, washers, batteries, fan belts etc we will supply all parts to you so you can quickly and easily replace and keep the machine operational .

Fully supported and backed up with our 365 parts guarantee we will work with you to get you sorted ASAP.

After Sales Service

No hassles after sale service.Any technical issues just call/email us with earliest time reply.

We will record the video or pictures as your request to demonstrate how to solve your concern.

If, in the unlikely event you have a problem with your machine, we are only a phone call away. 99.9% of the time we will be back to you same day, we know your machines is important to you.

No hassles after sales service and we keep all spare parts in stock to keep the machine operational.

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