MXG SK125T Skid Steer Loader

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MXG Sk125T Skid Steer Loader For Sale

The operating of Sk125T Skid Steer Loader is 12500KG. This unit is equipped with  Italian PWG hydraulic pump and  American Eaton brand hydraulic motor. There are flexiable way to choose engine. A revolutionary design and it is luxury close cabin with hydraulic pilot control/joystick system. The power of  this product is 75kW/101HP and flux is 88 L/min.

MXG loaders have long been renowned for their strength, high performance and reliability. Developed and tested in Australia,  The range features exceptional stability, driver comfort and safety.It is a highly versatile tool carrier used across a wide range of construction applications. Working on the farm, in the forests, on the golf courses, in the parks or wherever space is limited, that can be put to work in its natural environment.

In additon, company  also provides Plant trailer and Excavators.  If you want to know more machinerys, please click our products.

MXG is located in 10-14 Citrust Braeside, Victoria.

Description for Sk125T Skid Steer Loader

  • Rated flux:88L/min
  • Bucket capacity :0.55m³
  •  Max Travel Speed: 9-18km/h
  •  American Eaton brand hydraulic motor
  • Italian PWG brand hydraulic pump
  •  Luxury Close cabin with hydraulic pilot control/ Joystick system
  •  Auto-levelling system
  • Double accelerograph control
  •  Hydraulic brake
  •  Standard bucket and air-condition
  • Rubber track
  • Large Ranges Of Attachments
  • Warranty Free One Year/1000 Hours Replacement Parts. Two years on the engine. Three years on the structure
  • Australia Wide Delivery






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Standard Bucket, 4in1 Bucket

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