MXG XE60-2 Excavator

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  • Engine: Kubota V2607 T
  • Operating Weight: 5960KG
  • Max Power: 36KW/48HP
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MXG XE60 Excavator Kubota V2607 T Engine

 MXG is the brand of  XE60 Excavator Kubota Engine with 4 cylinder, 4 stroke  and water cooling. The high-performance turbocharged engine with mechanical pump features high power, low fuel consumption, and powerful fuel adaptability.This unit is suitable for industries like construction, farming and mining.

Additionally, it features an intelligent electronic control system that allows for complete control of the machine status.

Ease Of Maintenance And Operation Comfort
The fully openable engine hood presents a spacious maintenance area and easy maintenance. The centralized layout of electrical components facilitates convenient inspection and maintenance.

Specification for XE60 Excavator Isuzu Engine


  • Operating Weight:5960kg
  • Max Power: 36KW/2000rpm
  • Engine:Kubota V2607 T Engine
  • Travel speed: 2.3/4 km/h
  • External Dimensions:5855 mm*1880mm *2675mm
  • Bucket capacity: 0.22 m³
  • Type of hydraulic pump:Axial piston pump
  • Traveling motor:Axial piston motor
  • Warranty :3-years Back to factory labour or replacement parts warranty (or 5000 hours, which comes first).
  • Australia Wide delivery

Heavy Duty Attachments including:

330mm Narrow Bucket
500mm Trench Bucket
765mm Standard Bucket
1200mm Levering Bucket
Hydraulic  Quick Hitch
Oil and Air Filters
Tools and Tool Box




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